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My Army Redstone Missile Days

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Appendix B:

7th Army

Battery A, 1st Missile Battalion, 333rd Artillery

40th Artillery Group (Redstone)
Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Redstone Missile Articles

Former 580th Engineer Company member SP4 Desmond N. (Ted) Bonnington has provided me with a set of very interesting newspaper, magazine, and industry articles. The articles cover the pre-deployment and deployment of Redstone to Europe, 40th Artillery Group's second anniversary celebration, and follow-on uses of Redstone Missile after its deactivation in June 1964.

40th Artillery Group (Redstone) Organization Day 2nd Anniversary

40th Arty 1959

The first press article describes the September 1959 2nd Anniversary celebration held at McCully Barracks, Wackernheim, Germany of 40th Artillery Group (Redstone) being reorganized as a Redstone Missile unit. Ted Bonnington served in 580th Engineer Company of 40th Artillery Group from October 1957 initially at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville Alabama, until December 1959 in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. Ted was selected as 40th Artillery Group 1959 "Soldier of the Year". For 1959, 580th Engineer Company was also selected as 40th Artillery Group "Unit of the Year".

The 40th Artillery Group was initially constituted in August 1918 during World War I.

Our New GI: The Missileman

The Missileman

The second article is a very interesting account from the July 27, 1958 This Week Magazine section of the Huntsville Times. The article is entitled Our New GI: The Missileman. The article describes the new GI Missilemen of the 40th Field Artillery Missile Group - now in Europe - learning to handle their basic weapon: the awesome Redstone.


The Army's Sunday Punch

Sunday Punch

The third article received from Ted Bonnington is a fascinating and quite descriptive four page account of the establishment, training, and deployment of the 40th Artillery Group as a mobile heavy missile unit with the Redstone missile. The article was published in August 1958 as a Special Report by the Rocketdyne Division of North American Aviation, Inc. Rocketdyne manufactured and tested the Redstone missile rocket engines. To read the complete four page (with illustrations) report, click on the thumbnail image to the right. Page 1 will then open. Continue to pages 2, 3, and 4 by following the "next page" link at the bottom of the pages.

Redstones Used as Missile Targets

The fourth very interesting article received from Ted Bonnington appeared in the December 13, 1965 issue of Missiles and Rockets magazine, and was titled Navy Firing at Redstone Targets. The article describes the use of Redstones in two separate projects at the time. One project was is essence the testing of an anti-ballistic missile system for fleet defense. The second project was known as SPARTA - Special anti-Missile Tests - Australia.

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EXPLORER: The Army Comes Through


The fifth article is a very interesting account from the March 2008 edition of ARMY magazine. The article commemorates the 50th anniversary of the launch of America's first satellite, Explorer 1, launched January 1958.



Redstone Missile Data Sheets

Walter Elkins, webmaster of the outstanding web site US Army in Germany has provided me with Redstone Missile Data Sheets extracted from TM 9-500, Data Sheets for Ordnance type Materiel, 1962.

Artillery Guided Missile System - Redstone

Redstone 19-192

The TM 9-500 Page 19-192 ARTILLERY GUIDED MISSILE SYSTEM - REDSTONE graphic depicts the equipment needed to conduct a Redstone Missile launch operation in the field by US Army troops.



Artillery Guided Missile System - Redstone, Data Sheets

Here are the TM-500 Data Sheets for equipment needed to conduct a Redstone Missile launch operation in the field.

Click on Thumbnail images to acces Data Sheets.

Page 19-193
Page 19-194
Page 19-195
Page 19-196


Page 19-197
Page 19-198
Page 19-200


Page 19-201
Page 19-202
Page 19-203
Page 19-204


Page 19-205
Page 19-206
Page 19-207
Page 19-208


Page 19-209
Page 19-210
Page 19-211
Page 19-212


Page 19-213
Page 19-214
Page 19-215
Page 19-216


Page 19-217
Page 19-218
Page 19-219
Page 19-220

Redstone Missile CC-2037 Firing Test Report

Redstone Missile CC-2037 was launched from Complex 56, Pad 6 Cape Canaveral, Florida at 2244 hours EST on October 5, 1960. Follow the link to the Test Report in PDF.

of the
Firing Test Report
Redstone Missile CC-2037
October 20,1960
Report No. M-LOD-01-TR-45.1-60

Chrysler Corporation Redstone Missile Manufacturing Document

I have added an 85 page PDF of the October, 1958 Chrysler pictorial document that shows the Redstone and Jupiter manufacturing facilities at the Michigan Missile Plant located in Warren, Michigan near Detroit. Although much of the document depicts Jupiter missile production, the photos of Redstone production and the overall historical value of the document warrant inclusion in this web site.






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