Redstone Trainer Missile Exercise

November 2, 1960

Kuhberg Hill, outside Bad Kreuznach, Germany


The missile is in the vertical position on the mobile launcher. We are attaching the steering rudders to the missile. Note by the other pair of hands that it was a 2 man operation. We then used a torque wrench to tighten the attachment bolts to the specification torque value. Note the torque tube round toothed gearing mechanism for engaging and rotating the rudder on the fin to the left.

Sgt Andy Montgomery of the Firing Section is in the center of the photo, leaning over the launcher ring. He is standing next to the liquid oxygen (LOX) replenishment hose slip connection and vent pipe. The triangular hooded piece on the side of the thrust unit, next to Sgt Montgomery's head, was called the LOX replenishing coupling balcony.

This photo also gives a good view of how the missile was attached to, and could be rotated on the portable launcher.

You can also get a good idea of the size of the electrical umbilicals that we attached to the missile, 3 of which are seen in front of Sgt Montgomery's feet, and snaking around a launcher foot pad, and then connected to the base of a fin through quick disconnects. You can also see one of the power distribution panels on its stanchion in back of me.

The vehicle in the background is the 2& 1/2 ton Analyzer Van. 

One more thing: we are working in the rain! It seemed as if it was always raining (or foggy) in Germany.