Computer enhanced composite of photos provided courtesy of Reed Moon.

Names of personnel provided courtesy of John Jardine.

Battery A, 217th Field Artillery Missile Battalion

40th Artllery Group (Redstone)

Des Gouttes Kaserne, Bad Kreuznach, Germany February 1960

Battery A personnel assembled prior to flying back to White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico
for the Annual Service Firing in March 1960.

Battery Personnel - 73
Officers - 3, Enlisted - 70

1st (Bottom) Row, left to right:1.SFC Forrest Stacy,  2. SFC George Underwood,  3. SFC George Morse,
4.CWO-2 Robert Frost - GMMAO,  5. 1st Lt. Irwin Abt - XO,  6. Captain Pascal Pascarella - CO,
7.SFC Clifton Amerson - 1st SGT,  8.SFC Starr Palmer,   9. Sgt Louis Fiore,  10. SFC James McNutt.

2nd Row, left to right:1.PFC Jerry Murdock,  2.SP4 Hudlow,  3.PFC Leroy Frazier,  
4.Corporal James Whittle,  5.SP4 Aubrey Goolsby,  6.SP4 Walter Salyers  7.PFC Delbert Harper,
8.Sgt Tom Morrison,  9.Sgt Charles Polly,  10.Sgt Jose Pereles-Hernandez,  11.Sgt Robert Brown,
12.PFC James Hebert,  13.SP4 Edward Walston,  14.SP4 Wilmer Wallen,  15.SP4 David Larson,
16.SP4 Lawrence Hubenak,  17.SP4 William Griffies,  18.SP4 Earnest Cangiano.

3rd Row, left to right:1.PFC Walter Wadsworth,  2.PFC Joseph Banks,  3.SP4 Gerry Hotz,
4.PFC Donald Culver,   5.PFC Willie Kratz,  6.PFC Philip Lassila,  7. Pvt Ronald Smith,
8.Pvt John Samples,  9.PFC Dwain Fairbanks,   10.SP4 Marion Heavener,  11.SP4 Joseph Dyer,
12.SP4 Charles Southard,  13.PFC Patrick Quinlan,  14. PFC James Morris,  15.Pvt Larry Satterfield,
16.PFC Ashley Daniels,  17.PFC Ronald Hibbs,  18.SP5 Bruce Stone,  19.PFC Milton Fikes.

4th (Top) Row, left to right:1.Pvt Herschel Worthy,  2.SP5 Alvin Pardue,  3.Sgt Andrew Montgomery,
4.PFC David Akins,  5.PFC Billy Norton,  6.Pvt Helmut Herbold,  7.PFC Billy Hazzard,
8.PFC Felice Catucci,  9.Sgt Stanley Willis,  10.SP5 Fred Honda,  11.SP4 Ronald Osborn,
12.PFC Keith Anderson,  13.PFC John Dawsey,   14.PFC John Jardine,  15.PFC Hubert Riddle III,
16.Pvt William Corcoran,  17.Pvt Frank Adams,  18.Sp4 Reed Moon,  19.SP4 Max Morrill.

Missing from Photo:1.PFC Bruce Phipps,  2.PFC James Ray,  3.PFC James McCaskill,
4.Pvt Raymond Benjamin,  5.SP5 John Agnew,  6.MSGT Charles Fertig,  7.Sgt Charles Herron.

Special Orders 64, Headquarters 40th Artillery Group, dated 30 April 1960, redesignated Battery A, 217th Missile Battalion as Battery A, 1st Missile Battalion, 333rd Artillery.