Inside Des Gouutes Kaserne

Bad Kreuznach, Germany

February 22, 1961

Taken late afternoon, this view is looking toward the south-southeast.

The sloped-roof yellow building in the center is the 580th Engineer Company Orderly Room.
Note the "Redstone Missile" and the Engineer Corp Crest at the entrance-way.
The yellow "Cape Cod" building to its left, behind the large tree, is the Kaserne Guard House.

580th Engineer Company Main Barracks is to the right.

On the left, the newer-looking 3-story building housed BK MP's, and others.

The side street just behind the Orderly Room is Ringstrasse. Schneider Optics Works, on Ringstrasse, is just a little way off to the left of this photo.
The northern perimeter of Rose Barracks is a few block behind the brick buildings seen on Ringstrasse.