Battery A, 1st Missile Battalion, 333rd Artillery
40th Artillery Group (Redstone)

Inside Des Gouttes Kaserne
Bad Kreuznach, Germany
February 22, 1961

Photo taken late in the afternoon, showing:

In the center, on the left: SP4 Hubert E. Riddle III, Firing Section,
and the right: PFC Larry R. Satterfield, Firing Section.

In the background, coming out of the Battery A Orderly Room (red sign over the green door) is SFC E7 Forrest S. Stacy,
who became our First Sergeant after SFC Clifton Amerson left. That is Sgt Stacy's car parked next to the building.

The green door to the right, with the white sign, was a Barber Shop run by a German civilian.
The Kaserne Infirmary was located at the right end of the building, and behind the Barber Shop.

The Kaserne Mess Hall was behind the windows and doors at the left side of the building.
The stairwells under the green entrance covering led to the basement, where we had a mini-PX, a sandwich and snack shop,
a small hobby and craft area, and a tailor shop run by a German lady who did most of our sewing,
including our uniform patches and stripes.

The attic rooms above the Orderly Room and Barber Shop housed Cooks, Gate Guards, and Medics.