Battery A, 1st Missile Battalion, 333rd Artillery

40th Artillery Group (Redstone)

November 1960

Des Gouttes Kaserne, Bad Kreuznach, Germany


Front Row, kneeling L to R: PFC Ashley Daniels, PFC Robert Martin, PFC Carl Heskett, SP5 Bruce Stone, SP5 Eugene Chronister, Sgt Robert Brown,
PFC Larry Satterfield, SP4 William Griffies, Pvt Frank Adams, Pvt Milton Fikes, SP4 Edward Walston, SP4 Charles Southard, Sgt Jose Pereles,
PFC Hubert Riddle, SP4 David Larson, PFC James Hebert, Sgt Charles Polly, PFC Raymond Benjamin, SFC Leo Russ.

Back Row L to R: PFC William Corcoran, PFC Jerry Boise, Sgt Stanley Willis, PFC Ronald Smith, SP4 Alvin Pardue, PFC Donald Culver, Pvt Larry Butler,
PFC John Dawsey, PFC Helmut Herbold, PFC David Akins, Sgt Andrew Montgomery, PFC Keith Anderson, PFC James Ryan, PFC Ronald Phipps,
Sgt Charles Herron, SP4 Philip Lassila, SFC Forrest Stacy, SFC Starr Palmer, SP5 John Woodward, SFC James McNutt.

This group photo was taken at the conclusion of a Redstone trainer missile operation. The building seen to the rear of the trainer missile
is the Schneider Optics Works facility.